Hihi ^.^ I’m Dolliiy, you might know me from my Twitter (BabyDolliiy) I’m 20, I have blue eyes and I’m normally blonde but I love changing my hair and I’m a real life 24/7 diaper girl and little ♡

I live at home with my Daddy and my 4 bunnies ♡ My favourite colour is pink glitter and I love art, music and stuffies 🙂

I wear diapers almost every day so it’s hard to pick a favourite but I suppose if I had to it would be goodnites for wearing out and daily use or my newest favourite LittleForBig Baby Cuties for at home ♡♡♡ I loove big thick crinkily diapers that are super padded and make lots of sounds ^.^

I suppose that’s all for now. I look forward to writing for you again in the future and I hope you enjoy hearing from me too ♡

Dolliiy xoxo