Happy Holidays and New Year to everyone!!!

What did you think of our Christmas video with Dolliiy doing the Christmas shopping?

Public diaper wearing can always be tricky because we do not like unwanted attention or to show off the diaper but as Dolliiy is a genuine diaper girl and wears 24/7, this is everyday life but just with the addition of filming so try to be as discrete as possible.

When I said let’s make a video at the supermarket, Dolliiy was literally like, “want to go now?”.

Being a week before Christmas, everywhere was extremely busy so we decided to go in the evening when it was more quiet.

Dolliiy had a Tena Slip Maxi Active Fit on under her skirt and looked very cute walking around ticking off the shopping list.

You could hear the diaper crinkle under the skirt and it was always peeking out whenever bending over or reaching to grab something.

Unfortunately we run out of battery for the camera just before Dolliiy wet her diaper while unpacking the trolley which was extremely annoying.

We have so much more with Dolliiy coming in 2020 and always working on new ideas.